5 Weeks Pregnant
Pregnancy Week by Week

5 Weeks Pregnant

During the 5th week most of the women come to know that they are pregnant. Carrying a life inside is  thrilling. It brings lot of happiness coupled  with anxiety.

Changes in 5 Weeks Pregnant

Changes In Mother

During this week you may not show any external symptoms of pregnancy . Some of the pregnant women may have bloating in their abdomen. Many  women may have  their pregnancy symptoms from this week onwards.

You may feel discomfort due to the soreness of the breast and may want to urinate more frequently. Most of the pregnant women start to develop nausea and fatigue at this point. If you have extreme fatigue then take rest.

Fetal Growth During 5th Week

During the 5th week of pregnancy the baby will be not more than a millimeter of length. You can equate your baby’s size to that  of a small grain of rice. Its having a shape of a tadpole than that of human being during this period.

The most important change that happens during this period is the development of heart from the mesoderm which is the middle layer of cells and its division in to separate chambers. Heart may start to pump blood too. It may have a more regular rhythm too.

Most of the major organs like liver and kidney start to grow. The neural tube that links the brain and the spinal chord also start to develop from the ectoderm which is the top layer of cells. The lower and upper limb buds that leads to the development of legs and arms can also be seen during this period. Endoderm which is the third layer of cell also develop in this week which in turn lead to the development of lungs, thyroid, intestine, pancreas and  appendix.

Head can be distinguished from the structure and you can see the initial development of mouth, eye and nostrils. Even the retina of the eye may also start to develop. By closely watching the ultra sound scan you can see small folds in place of lower jaw and neck. During the 5th week umbilical cord and primitive placenta will also start its growth.

Try to drink and eat healthy foods during this period as your baby requires nutrients for its proper growth. Also try to avoid caffeinated products and alcoholic beverages as it may harm your baby.

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