Avoiding Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Avoiding Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. When you bring a new life into the world, it is a very special feeling. Nothing can replicate that emotion and you happily accept all the roller coaster rides a pregnancy puts you through when you see your child.

There are a lot of hormonal changes that your body goes through when you are pregnant. Starting from the morning sickness to the nightly cravings, there are many new things that the body has to deal with in a short period of time. Sometimes your skin type changes drastically too.

In terms of physical changes, past the first trimester, you start to gain weight rapidly.As and when the baby grows your stomach expands fast and your skin stretches to accommodate the growing uterus. Sometimes this rapid growth and stretching of the skin leads to tiny tears in the skin that ultimately become stretch marks.

Stretch marks, also known as striae gravidarum, are not painful at all. They appear as slivers of a lighter silvery shade of the skin colour, sometimes slightly pink.Stretch marks do not cause any harm and just indicate the stretching of skin beyond its elasticity.

To avoid stretch marks there are few basic guidelines that you need to follow. To begin with, you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Not only is that necessary for the baby’s health but also for your health and general wellbeing. Stocking up on nutrients makes sure that you prepare your body for the changes that you will go through.

Moisturising your body is also important to maintain elasticity. There are several lotions and creams available in the market that are meant to counter stretch marks. While their effectiveness is disputed, their moisturising capabilities are useful to prepare the skin.

Vitamin E is also supposed to be helpful in maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Stock up on your vitamins and exercise regularly to maintain good circulation in the affected areas.

Don’t be disheartened if the marks appear despite trying all of the above, sometimes your skin is just susceptible to them and a family history also adds to it. Your pregnancy is a wonderful time and your concentration should be on the health of your baby.

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