Handling Baby Teething
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Handling Baby Teething

Handling Baby Teething

The arrival of a baby means a lot of things to a new mother…love, care, affection and with it comes a package of sleepless nights, worries, tensions etc. As your little baby grows you begin to feel more relaxed but you need to be constantly caring and be watchful of your little toddler.

Baby teething is a phase where your tiny baby begins getting teeth. The urge to bite begins and he wants to nibble at everything he sees. There is the urge to put everything in the mouth so you need to be watchful. The lower middle incisors begin forming by around 6 months, the exact time varying from baby to baby.

What Should Be Considered?

The molars start forming after the first birthday and the canines between the second or third birthdays. Baby teething is painful for the baby and may cost you sleepless nights but a fair amount of knowledge can save you a lot of trouble.

It is always good to have teethes around and you may even refrigerate one or two of them. You can try cold carrots, chilled foods as chillness helps to numb the pain. Do not try painkillers as these may have harmful side effects. You can let the baby chew on something soft like your finger that will help numb the pain.

Since these feelings differ in each baby, you must be sensitive to your baby’s needs. At around three to four months, saliva stimulation may increase and you may see visible lumps or redness of the gums. It is also possible that this may cause the baby to cough but a long as he is not suffering from flu or cold you need not worry. Keep sure to wipe your baby’s chin so that he does not develop any rashes.

Teething may be a difficult period for a breastfeeding mother as the baby tends to gnaw on anything they get their mouth to and it could be quite painful. Since teething is a continuous process the pain may be there even when they are sleeping that would make them wake up occasionally.

Some babies may have a slight temperature, a runny nose or even diarrhea. It is important that you check with your health refrigerated teetherprovider as it should not be due to any other reason.

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