Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn is a common problem during pregnancy therefore you should not worry about it. You get burning sensation due to many hormonal changes during your pregnancy. A hormone named progesterone is produced by placenta which is very beneficial for you during that period but simultaneously it makes digestion sluggish which causes burning sensation in your throat. Also as the baby grows, it puts pressure on your stomach which causes foods to rise in your throat, which causes indigestion & heartburn. There are many things which you can do and not do to get relief from heartburn.

Causes Heartburn?

Foods containing saturated oil or spicy foods cause acidity due to which you feel the heartburn sensation. Therefore you should not eat spicy or oily food. It is also advised not to eat hot foods are as they too cause acidity and heartburn.

Alcohol is one of the biggest reasons of heartburn among pregnant women. Alcohol too causes acidity which results in heartburn. Alcohol not only causes you heartburn but is also very harmful for your unborn child. It affects the fetus so much that after the delivery your child will behave abnormally. Many babies become mentally retarded. Hence you have two reasons to avoid drinking alcohol; 1) to prevent heartburn and 2) for the safety of your fetus.

Drinking coffee, tea or cola too triggers heartburn because they too cause acidity. Caffeine is also very dangerous for your fetus which causes miscarriage or brain damage of your newborn child. So again you have three reasons to avoid consuming caffeine; 1) to prevent heartburn and 2) to prevent miscarriage and 3) for the proper growth of your child.

Some clothes may cause you heartburn if you wear them tightly. Therefore try to wear clothes which don’t put pressure on your belly. While sleeping keep your head a little bit raised. Also after taking dinner, go to sleep after 2-3 hours.

Regarding eating, you should avoid taking big meals. Take small meals several times which will also control your weight apart from preventing heartburn.

To get relief from heartburn, mix honey in lukewarm water. Honey gives relief from heartburn and acidity quickly. Yoghurt too relieves you from heartburn. Milk is another food which relieves you from acidity and if you add a teaspoonful honey in it, the combination will cause miracle effect on heartburn. Eating pineapple or papaya too gives quick relief from heartburn.

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