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Nanny Cams

As a parent, it becomes very difficult to leave your little one alone with a nanny and go to office. All through the day you are worried about his well being and from time to time wonders what your baby might be doing. Well using a nanny or spy cameras can be a practical solution for your worries.

What are nanny cams

Nanny cams are small surveillance cameras which could be placed anywhere in the house, including living room, bedroom and kitchen but should never be used in the bathrooms, as it is against ethics. You can hide them in stuffed toys, flower pots or plants.

These cameras come in all price ranges from $100 to $500. It can be connected to a VCR or DVR to record your nanny’s activities or can also be connected via Internet broadband connection, which provide you images and videos live on your cell phone or computer.

Advantages of Using a Nanny Cam

The advantages of using a nanny cam are many. First of all, you get the complete monitoring of your child care. You can watch anytime what your child is doing and whether the nanny employed is treating your child properly or not. Secondly, these cams prove very useful in child abuse cases.

There have been many cases where the child receives abusive treatments from nannies in absence of the parents. With these cams the guilt or innocence of the caregiver can be proved.

Though caregivers are not against the idea of using a nanny cam but it is advisable to tell them before hand. The benefit of this is, it would help in building your trust with the caregiver. Also, the caregiver will be careful in her attitude towards the child.

You should try not to disclose the location of the camera as caregiver might hamper its coverage. Many child care centers are also using these cameras and provide the live coverage of a child’s activities to the parents.

Using a nanny cam is legal in all the 50 states of the United States but in some states you are supposed to take the person’s consensus before recording his speech.

For working parents nanny cams indeed are very useful in monitoring their child’s care and give them the confidence and assurance that their child is safe and secure when they are out at work.

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