Week 8 Of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

Week 8 Of Pregnancy: What To Expect

By eighth week of pregnancy, your baby is around 14 to 20 mm long. It is hard to believe that your little one will soon grow into a full size baby.Your baby’s had developed a small tail which will now start to disappear.

This week your baby will develop his eye lids to cover his beautiful eyes. The arms and legs of the baby are also increasing in size. The fingers and toes of the baby have still not developed fully and are webbed right now.

The nerve cells of the brain are connecting with one another which help in communication in later life. The lungs of the baby are maturing, but they won’t be mature till 37 weeks.By this week, your baby has developed distinct elbows so that he can curve his arms around the chest.

Now you will start feeling some tightening along your waistline. You may now have to start buying some maternity clothes as you fill find an increase in your waistline. You may also notice some tenderness in your breast and your breasts may appear slightly enlarged.If you are having a difficult time with sore breasts, you may consider buying a maternity bra.

Some women also notice some cramping during the first trimester. These cramps are very mild and may continue for several weeks. Just remember that your body is making many changes to accommodate the baby so mild cramps are normal. But if you experience any unusual pain or severe cramping, you must consult your doctor immediately.

You may be battling with nausea and fatigue.
 There is no way to totally eradicate nausea and morning sickness, but you can minimize their effects by:
– Eating and drinking frequently at short intervals
– Avoiding spicy food
– Pamper yourself with spa therapies, yoga, acupuncture etc.

These discomforts of pregnancy will disappear as the pregnancy progresses and you will find that your pregnancy is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

There are many chances of a miscarriage during early weeks of pregnancy. So do everything possible to stay away from environmental hazards and harmful toxins. Stay away from smoking and alcohol. The chances of miscarriage are very low after the 12th week.
It is very important to relax, pamper yourself and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

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