why Snacking At Night Is Harmful For Pregnant Women

Why Snacking At Night Is Harmful For Pregnant Women

One of the most common advices that you receive from all quarters during pregnancy is to eat more. Since you now have to feed the baby too, you naturally have to eat more. You have also been advised not to keep your stomach empty as this might keep your baby in want for food. But this does not mean that you should eat anything and everything that comes your way. A pregnancy diet should be a well balanced one containing all essential nutrients in the required proportion.

Moreover, you should eat the right food in the right way and at the right time. One of the common mistakes pregnant women make is snacking at night. Snaking at night during pregnancy may also have been advised by your friends and others. But your doctor considers it a bad eating practice. Eating night snacks can be harmful for you and consequently harms your baby.

First, snacking at night leads to excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal as the fetus constantly grows and develops. But weight gain beyond a recommended level can be harmful to you and your baby. At night, the body metabolism slows down and plus, the level of energy consumption is at its lowest.

This means extra calories are easily turned into fat. Moreover, in general many physical activities are restricted during pregnancy. As such, while more calories are added, little is done to burn them. This also makes your body even more conducive to weight gain. Postpartum recovery is also slower in women who have excessively gained weight during pregnancy. And you can put the blame on your habit of snacking at night.

Night snacking also affects your sleep. Sleep disorder during pregnancy is common during the third trimester and night snacking can even aggravate this disorder. Your body mechanism should be put to rest at night. But by snacking at night, your stomach is denied the rest it deserves. This in turn can lead to sleep disorder. This is why doctors advise taking your last meal of the day at least three hours before going to bed. Remember sleep disorder can also harm your baby.

If at all you want to snack at night, make sure that you take something light and altogether avoid high calorie and high fat foods.

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